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  1. Tinospora Cordifolia Capsule / Guduchi Capsule

    Tinospora cordifolia is a herbaceous vine of the family Menispermaceae indigenous to tropical regions of the Indian subcontinent. It has been in use for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various disorders.
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  2. Andrographis Paniculata Powder Capsules / Kalmegh Capsules

    Andrographis Paniculata is traditionally known as kalmegh. The plant belongs to family Acanthaceae and is widely used in Ayurvedic and Homeopathic systems of medicine. The plant grows in waste grounds and prefers moist habitat. The herb is bitter in taste and has weak odour. The whole plant may be used in medicine. It is widely cultivated in southern Asia, where it is used to treat infections and some diseases, often being used before antibiotics were created. Mostly the leaves and roots were used for medicinal purposes
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  3. Adhatoda Vasica Capsules

    Vasaka leaves, bark, the root bark, the fruit and flowers are useful in the removal of intestinal parasites. Vasaka herb is used for treating cold, cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma.
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  4. Aloe Vera Powder Capsules

    Aloe vera, or Aloe barbadensis, is a thick, short-stemmed plant that stores water in its leaves. It is best known for treating skin injuries, but it also has several other uses that could potentially benefit health.The cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries use aloe vera extensively.
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  5. Amla Capsules

    Emblica officinalis Gaertn. or Phyllanthus emblica Linn, commonly known as Indian gooseberry or amla, is arguably the most important medicinal plant in the Indian traditional system of medicine, the Ayurveda
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  6. Ashwagandha Capsules

    Withania somnifera, known commonly as ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, or winter cherry, is an annual evergreen shrub in the Solanaceae or nightshade family that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Several other species in the genus Withania are morphologically similar
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  7. Black Seed Capsules

    Kalojni Seeds are also known as Black Onion Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds, Black Seeds and Nigella Seeds.
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  8. Boswellia Extract Capsules

    Boswellia (Shallaki) has potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce the pain and inflammation of joints.
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  9. Brahmi Capsules

    Bacopa is a medicinal herb used in Ayurveda, where it is also known as "Brahmi", after Brahma, the creator God of the Hindu pantheon
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  10. Cinnamon Capsules

    Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum, and Cinnamon cassia), the eternal tree of tropical medicine, belongs to the Lauraceae family. Cinnamon is one of the most important spices used daily by people all over the world.
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  11. Cissus Extract Capsules

    Andrographis Cissus quadrangularis is a plant that has been revered for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Historically, it has been used to treat many conditions, including hemorrhoids, gout, asthma, and allergies. However, recent research has found that this power-packed plant may also help promote bone health, relieve joint pain, and protect against chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
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  12. Garcinia Extract Capsules

    Garcinia Cambogia, popularly known as the Malabar tamarind, is considered to be a useful weight-loss supplement. It is obtained from a fruit of the same name and is known to offer various health benefits.
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  13. Graviola extract Capsules

    Graviola is a small evergreen tree. The leaves, fruit, seeds, root, and stem are used to make medicine. Some people take graviola by mouth for infections caused by bacteria and parasites, cancer, diabetes, and to cause vomiting. ... In foods, graviola is used in cooking and beverages.
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  14. Green Tea Capsule

    A brewed green tea is typically green, yellow or light brown in color, and its flavor profile can range from grass-like and toasted (pan fired) to vegetal, sweet and seaweed-like (steamed). If brewed correctly, most green tea should be quite light in color and only mildly astringent.
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  15. Musli Extract Capsule

    Musli is a rare herb from India. It is used in traditional systems of medicine including Ayurveda, Unani, and homeopathy. It is traditionally used for arthritis, cancer, diabetes, boosting vitality, improving sexual performance, and for many other uses
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  16. Neem Powder Capsules

    Azadirachta indica, commonly known as neem, nimtree or Indian lilac, and in Nigeria called dogoyaro or dogonyaro, is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta, and is native to the Indian subcontinent and most of the countries in Africa.
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  17. Noni Capsules

    Noni is a small evergreen tree found in the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Australia, and India. It often grows among lava flows. Historically, noni was used to make a red or yellow dye for clothing. It has also been used as medicine.
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  18. Senna Capsule

    Senna is an herb. The leaves and the fruit of the plant are used to make medicine. Senna is an FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) laxative. A prescription is not required to purchase senna. It is used to treat constipation and also to clear the bowel before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy.
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  19. Triphala Powder Capsules

    Triphala, a herbal remedy (or polyherbal medicine) is a mixture of three dried fruits. In fact, Triphala literally means “three fruits” in Sanskrit. They are: Amala (Emblica officinalis), also called Indian gooseberry. Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica)
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